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Teresa Albor is an artist-in-residence at King’s College. Working in collaboration with Dr Sally Marlow, Public Engagement Fellow and Sir John Strang, Professor of Addictions, Teresa will be resident in the Department of Addictions on a project exploring the administration of Naloxone, an antidote to heroin overdose, by family members of those who use heroin. Visit King's College Artist in Residence page,


By Teresa Albor, Jul 24 2017 06:55PM

"We see them as the other."



Been watching lots of YouTube videos about saving lives with Nalozone.

By Teresa Albor, Jul 23 2017 05:39PM

Science + Love. I realise that this is what we've got to work with here. The idea that it's possible to save the life of someone you love, when they collapse, unconscious, having overdosed on an opiate like heroin.

I know about unconditional love - but I don't know about loving someone with addiction issues.

A friend told me that having someone you love die due to an overdose is not your greatest fear (she knows, she has a sister who struggles with addiction).... she says it is that they will live. And it will be unrelenting. And that you will not be able to keep loving them. That your love has limits.

Went into my local Chemist last week to ask for Naloxone. White, middle class and formidable, I came away empty handed (but the Chemist spoke with Sally on the phone who explained that this life saving medicine should be available without prescription). The Chemist knows me, he looked at me out of the corner of his eye. I sensed his confusion and maybe censure?