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Teresa Albor is an artist-in-residence at King’s College. Working in collaboration with Dr Sally Marlow, Public Engagement Fellow and Sir John Strang, Professor of Addictions, Teresa will be resident in the Department of Addictions on a project exploring the administration of Naloxone, an antidote to heroin overdose, by family members of those who use heroin. Visit King's College Artist in Residence page,


By Teresa Albor, Aug 28 2017 09:51AM

Heroin vaccine : What if you took heroin and felt nothing? What if there was a treatment that cancelled its effects on the brain? Who then would bother to take it?

By Teresa Albor, Aug 16 2017 11:40PM

Was in a meeting today with three people who have spent a lot of time thinking about and working with addiction. Twice they refered to "mums"... ".... a mum started a support group..." "...I met a mum who told me...." Not a woman. A mum. The mother of someone with addicition issues. A mother. A mum. A woman defined by her relationship to someone she gave birth to, someone she loves, or loved.

By Teresa Albor, Aug 16 2017 11:35PM

I met someone today who administered naloxone to two people. He played God twice. Saved two lives.

By Teresa Albor, Aug 16 2017 12:47PM

This has come up several times. When we talk about lving someone who is difficult to love becasue of their behaviour. When we talk about having to do things in the name of love that are harsh or hard.