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40 minutes of silently sharing a still life.

How it works:


1. Invite details are posted on Facebook for a 30 minute zoom meeting from 1pm (London), 7am (Chicago), 6pm (Dhaka).

2. Guest artists set up a still life/vignette/tableau in front of the camera of the device they'll use to join the zoom meeting.

3. Others join the zoom meeting (with mike and camera off) to view work.  


A selection of artists' contributions from top: Xan Colman (Australia), FarZana Akhtar (Bangladesh), Katharine Meynell (UK), Ausra Peciuriene (Lithuania), Teresa Albor (UK, US, Bangladesh),  Monon Muntaka (Bangladesh), Sumana Akter (Bangladesh), Teresa Albor (UK, US, Bangladesh), Ferdous Khan (Bangladesh), Lisa Sang (UK), Dilara Irmak, (Turkey, United Arab Emirates), Mike Tincher (US)

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