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40 minutes of silently sharing a still life.


1. Invite details are posted on Facebook for a 30 minute zoom meeting from 1pm (London), 7am (Chicago), 6pm (Dhaka).


2. Guests set up a still life/vignette/tableau in front of the camera of the device they'll use to join the zoom meeting.


3. Others join the zoom meeting (with mike and camera off) to view work.  


Table fruit



Left from top:


Insta @ ausricka (... lives in Lithuania, in a small town Marijampolė. Photography is her hobby, It gives her a lot of happiness.)


Daniel Nikolovski (... is a Macedonian-born interior and furniture designer, currently living and working in Milan, Italy.)


Insta @ teresa_albor (www.teresaalbor.com) (... is an artist/activist based in London currently living in Bangladesh.)


Top right:


Insta @ antisocialsaturdays (www.dilarairmak.com)  (... is a freelance designer based in Istanbul and currently living in Dubai.)